Messed up maneee

Okay so my story now, is something so messed up that shit just got real! SO you all know that I hate my cousin dipshit (dipshit=code name), because of the messed up things she does, but this time, she just pulled the last string. So I heard her friend Allanise say to dipshit “Why do you hang out with these freaks? These, as in me and my BFF, I was mad about that, one day I was talking about it in front of Nadia, and she has the nerve to confront Allanise, which is fine with me because I was about to go (go = to fight).  But then if I fought with someone, that means I would get suspension, because I fought, so I just  started running away from Allanise, because I really didn’t wan to hear her dumbass lecture, that she was kidding (Bitch, if you was kidding, why didn’t you say so, but if I don’t like you, and you said your kidding, i’m about to go). Then dipshit tries to tell me something, I just keep running, because at that point I was done. But the thing is that my BFF told me that dipshit said she was kidding, but dipshit’s the witness, why would she lie? she would like because that’s her first actual BFF, so she doesn’t want her BFF to get hurt, from me, because they know if they fight me, they would first have to move close to a hospital. But what’s really messed up about it, is because dipshit’s the witness, and cant even defend me, the boo that’s been there for her since day 1, the bitch who does everything for her. But at this one time, one time,  she cant defend me, only her friend. So that’s messed up. I’m not gonna be there for Stephanie anymore, ( Yup bitch, its fucking stephanie) because she has definitely pulled the last straw. I want her away from my family, my sister, my children, because she’s the bitch who ruined my life, and taught me a lesson too, “don’t trust bitches like Stephanie.” 

I cant

I hate how people think that it’s almost Christmas, automatically you junk you have presents, in my family you work for your damn presents! Others it’s a “tradition” you always get presents. I just hate that people assume that! Like Stephanie, she been mentioning how Christmas is here and she really wants to get this very expensive video game station, like bitch you fuckig family does not have a million dollars lying around! They barely can afford to go shopping everyday, so i dont get why Stephanie doesnt get that she has to earn things not get them like its their fucking birthday! So stephanie if your reading this i dont get how you think life is so easy, just be fuckig grateful that your damn parents are here helping ou every day, I cant have that! So your damn grateful, and stop acting like you the damn queen of the house you ait because your actually the bitch of the ducking century!

This is really f****d up

Well you know what really fucked up, Stephanie is soooo lazy so when her mom says “Stephanie! Iskha! Do you’re homework, so I am do whats told, then Stephanie’s like “But I already did my homework!” This bitch didn’t even fucking touch her bag! And I know she had homework because I had her classes after her, so she had Math H.W and Science H.W and she even told me that she had that homework, so I don’t know why all of the sudden she is acting slick like a freaking slime! so I don’t care if she’s goody two shoes in school but not at home!

Help, please

Bella, Sammy and I’s ex-kind-of-friend, only because she keeps ignoring and ditching us because of Russell. And Bella is like, obsessed with him. Sammy even declared from real evidence that Russell is loosing interest in her. But she won’t believe us, so she thinks that knowing how to skateboard, have a nasty ass attitude, and also cursing for everything is gonna make Russell like her. Why I am really mad also is because that Bella wad supposed to go with Sammy to Sammy’s house. So sammy walked to Bella and Sammy said “bella, you’re supposed to go to my house. But sammy hears Bella saying that she wants to stay at think tank only because Russell is there and she doesnt even like think tank. So yeah it was another ditch and ignoring after I said sorry, because that morning at school I was really mad at bella because she kept ditching me and sammy. So i was done with her, but what made her say sorry, because sage said that she’ll promise that Russell will ask her to be his girlfriend, and bella said numerous times that she doesnt want to be his girlfriend. And that she like grapes in er neighborhood. So i dont get why she is now lying and being a little bitch


So I type “Pretty little liars season 4 episode 12” and I am about to watch before Mrs. BigMouth says “What are you doing? Aren’t we only supposed to watch Pretty little liars together?" The I said "Uhm, no. Just  because we always watch it together doesn’t mean that we have to watch it together all the time."